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I seen this on Facebook and I feel like crying. Someone was really mad at RapMonster after calling Jhope and V (I think, I do not remember) black and decided to send a deaththreat. This is highly embarassing and because of that one person thought it was funny to send death threats, we American ARMY's will be forever labeled as the worst fans. Fuck. I feel like apologizing even though I wasn't there and even though it's not my fault. I feel so terrible because of ONE person. I hope everyone who was there were okay and were not hurt. Also, please stay safe Oppas, especially you Namjoonie!
Thanks a lot assholes, whoever, you are.You ruined everything like how dare you, Even if that person did find it offensive, I hear "colored"(no racism intended) people calling each other black all the time!!! It just frustrates the hell out of me when people act so stupid. OPPAS WE COULDN'T LIVE WITH OUT YOU😚😚😚😚😚
This is sickening.....I have no other words right now. Completely embarrassed and seriously angry (≧▽≦) Shame on her.....
this is why we cant have nice things
really i feel like this would only happen here '_-
I HATE PEOPLE. I was at orientaion for college all yesterday so I didnt know about any of this but I feel like bawling after seeing this picture. It's disgusting and HORRIBLE that a person would even THINK about doing this. PEOPLE NEED TO STOP NITPICKING AT EVERYTHING THESE IDOLS DO. He made a mistake. So what? We all make mistakes everyday. because do you know why? WE ARE HUMAN.ヽ( `Π΄Β΄*)γƒŽ
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