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I seen this on Facebook and I feel like crying. Someone was really mad at RapMonster after calling Jhope and V (I think, I do not remember) black and decided to send a deaththreat. This is highly embarassing and because of that one person thought it was funny to send death threats, we American ARMY's will be forever labeled as the worst fans. Fuck. I feel like apologizing even though I wasn't there and even though it's not my fault. I feel so terrible because of ONE person. I hope everyone who was there were okay and were not hurt. Also, please stay safe Oppas, especially you Namjoonie!
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really i feel like this would only happen here '_-
@DianaCastaneda uuugh I feel the exact same way (╥_╥)
this is why we cant have nice things
@DianaCastaneda hahahaha OMG that made me LOL because its one of those things my mama would say!
there was were two threats. it's super sad that everyone had to pay the price of two stupid idiots 😢😡