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Well if you all have heard of what happened at BTS TRB NY I believe you know what I mean. It seems so unreal how a person can be so freaking immature and go post a threat like that when you're MILES away. I thought we were all adults here but I guess not everyone is. I'm very ashamed that their first U.S. visit turned out this way and I had prayed for nothing wrong to happen but I guess evil always sneaks his way in. I hope that those of you that have Twitter will show support by using the hashtag #NothingwithoutNamjoon. Your kind words will gladly be accepted. Also if you can wish them a safe trip would be nice too.
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I'm crying for them...this is so ridiculous...I wish there was a way to kick out horrible people out from the K-Pop fandom. A lot has been happening and they still manage to ruin everything for others...so disappointing...
These people need to start to live their lives and not pay attention to every single thing that idols do. They are HUMAN just like us that make mistakes.ヾ(`ヘ´)ノ゙
Will definetely tweet. I'm glad everyone is trying to do the 90 degree bow in Chicago, LA and Dallas. In curious to see their reactions. Im just glad that their safe and that they will keep performing with all their energy and, come on, sexiness. Lol. Pls continhe to show ur abs Jimin, pls continue with he high notes Jungkook, and pls continue with ur english Jhope. Luv'd ur english so much. :)
that's sad broke my heart
people need to.grow up and get over themselves