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.....i honestly think people are reacting way to much about Namjoon's "racial slur". Don't look at the idols who are saying racist things look at their culture that is making it as though color is a bad thing... its the people around them who have developed the racial thought such as the companies who white wash or the fans who do too....people just need to sit down and reevaluate themselves because on what wrong and whats right. They are the ones who are being crude and are evil. I don't know how so called BTS fans can just turn on them like that. I don't wish death threats on anyone but maybe if people knew what it felt like it wouldn't happen anymore because people act before they put it into perspective. What if it were you would you really wish it on someone else? This whole thing disgust me but like I said I dont wish it on anyone even the people who gave death threats because that would put me on their level. I would hug them because i feel sorry for them for being stupid ignorant people and maybe add a slap in there if i have consent to do so Rant over. Thank you vingle for being a better place than tumblr right now. AND HERES TO A GROUP FANDOM HUG
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@punkpandabear extreme death threats on namjoon
What!? What exactly did he say?
@AgentLeo Thanks for the link. I don't understand how people can joke about something like that.
I was not even offended and I'm 1/4 black