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but i really hope bts stays safe and begins to feel safe soon. for all of the people saying "you're overeacting" you are clearly underreacting. This is something that should never be taken lightly. Look at those photos of Namjoon being happy. Now try to imagine him not being genuinely happy again for a long time. Thats actually going to happen and I can't express my sorrow for him enough. For anyone that doesn't know what's going on click on the link below. I am also sorry that the army who spent money and waited just for this day had it ruined. I'm truly sorry.
in mad on many different levels. That person dont even live Herr and they messed it up for the international fans and probably scared the shiz out of them.
international fans are going to suffer because of one idiot
nobody should joke about taking a life hopefully hes safe and all of bts
dem dimples ♡♡
Dang, this is crazy...I don't even know what to say....sigh