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I'm in utter shock at the stupidity of people, this whole situation dead got me in tears, I don't even know anymore, this is why I can't deal with people, I love you vingle cause right now this is just crazy, never thought the pettiness of people could be this bad, Right now my heart hurts for all the new yorkers who got cockblocked by some dick in canada and most of all I feel sorry to namjoon and bts whose first trip to america got ruined by utter bullshit, and even though I did nothing wrong, as a fan and as a person Im just done, Im just utterly upset at this whole situation....
yea but we all stand together and stand tall . we will help them feel better we are Army we protect one another and were there for eatchother right. bts will do something like that again one day :) @netchtiBates
yes and not only that all the fans who are actual army are going to suffer because of this person @TaehyungKey
@netchtiBates yes I know they will they love army and we live them :)
one can hope, we just have to show as much love as possible at this point and hope for the best for our boys @TaehyungKey
@netchtiBates yea especially since they are very good people too :(
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