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WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE. The whole rap monster comment is being taken into a whole different and DANGEROUS situation. If your not aware Rap Monster made a comment about his group members in an interview in Australia “Well, when I first saw V and J-Hope I couldn’t see them because they were too black. So…yeah, when the nights get dark, I couldn’t find them.” It was a meaningless comment that was meant for a laugh but now people have taken it way out of hand
ARE YOU SERIOUS!?!?!?!?! This is just unbelievable. How can someone just threaten another like this. Even if it was meant to be a joke, many people had to pay the price. The concert that was planned in New York was cut short during the show, and the police had to clear out the stadium because of the threat.
This is just sick, selfish, and disrespectful. I will admit im just getting into BTS, but ANY kind of mistreatment to others where they feel unsafe and in danger then that needs to be addressed. I cannot even imagine how rap monster must feel right now, and the rest of BTS as well. They have tries to keep up appearances but they are being put through so much just because of a miniscule thing. I hope that this does not impare the way they view us, and i hope the people who were cut short at the concert understood what was going on. BTS keep your spirits up, please dont let this bother you continue with your tour and stay strong. to read more click here *i do not own these pictures* (im sorry if this has been posted already but i just couldnt stay quite)
I'm really, really happy about fans reactions to this. People could be all super butt hurt at BigHit for cancelling but instead we're all apologizing to BTS, angry at the fans that threatened them, and are coming together to try and make this better :/
There are so many antifans that take things to far. They think that what they say and do won't be taken seriously or that it won't effect anybody, but it does. Think of how hurt Rap Mon must feel, how embarrassed he must be feeling in front of his fellow members. He said something that meant no harm to anyone, but then he gets all of this hate and criticism like he isn't human. Hopefully BTS is staying strong through this and is trying to up each other's spirits, but I hope the person that threatened him understands how cruel and dispicable that was and the pain that Rap Mon must be going through right now.
I can't believe someone would actually do that.
i just started crying