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It is pretty rare that a rock band gets big in the main stream. I think Hyuk-O got this big in almost like in 6 months. One of my friends is a sound guy at club called FF, one of the big names in the Korean indie scene. He told me he remembered their first show at FF on weekdays(in Korea, only big bands play on weekends at those clubs) Rapidly, the band got huge fan base in the scene after only couple of shows. Let me introduce one of thier songs: Wari Gari
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I love Hyuk-O! He's my age too which is really cool :)
great! (sorry accidently hit the enter key) how old?
They are amazing. I would love to hear them live. I just found out about them after watching Infinity Challenge. Everything I've listened to from them is awesome.
@CandaceJordan I haven't heard them live yet either but I'm sure they are awesome live! : )