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The thoughts of you laughing gets me high as a kite
The thoughts of you crying brings me to my knees
The thoughts of you sleeping makes me forever remain still
The thoughts of you smiling keeps the sun behind the clouds
For your smile is my sunshine, day in and day out
The thoughts of me kissing you keeps me drooling and salivating all day
The thoughts of caressing you makes me want to please you
All these thoughts are a sign of something that I yearn for
Being me, I don't really get in touch with my feelings
But for you baby, it is something that I can't even help
You've done something to me, making me broadcast reruns
Of our episodes together into my mental television
The vision of seeing a future with you in it is unusual for me
Maybe because I was never able to sustain a healthy relationship
Through the trial and pains that I have suffered and struggled through
Causing me to withdraw from the social world and isolate myself
To Keep myself from reaching my feelings and trusting them
It was then that you had a sense of understanding when I met you
I thought you would've laughed at me if I've ever told you that I've never
Had a serious relationship, but surprisingly you didn't laugh at all
Instead, you were still the same sweet chocolate that took my hand
And pull me in the store when I wasn't comfortable displaying PDA
Full of life, you've became my motivation to live and strive for
Greater things, To become a lover is a easy task but to be loved
And accepted was the scariest fears of my life, The fantasy of us
Being together really pushes me to be strong for the both of us, Baby
I thank you for being you because in this world we live in, you will
Be my smile and heartbeat.
I will. It'll be something that I can express to her when the time is right. Thank you @Alywoah for the compliment. I definitely appreciate it a lot.
Wow, that's really awesome talent. Well, keep this poem around until you do find that special person who makes you feel those things. ^_^
Very touching and beautiful poem! You should definitely share this to the person who makes you feel this way -- if you haven't already! :)
This is really sweet and awesome :) what a lucky lady! So glad you have somebody who makes you smile :)
thank you my brotha @robyculous I really appreciate it
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