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 Meanwhile, Jae Ha is still installing the bomb inside the command center. They need to explode the center before 8 o clock, but he hasn't come out from the building. The US team member said, Hang Ah won't have the courage to press the button and blow up the building, because Jae Ha might also die from the explosion. But before they execute their plan, Jae Ha convinced Hang Ah and he told Hang Ah to trust him, because they will win, and they will be engaged! Awwww!! Hang Ah said, "I love Lee Jae Ha", and she pressed the button! The building exploded. Hang Ah ran to the building to find Jae Ha. She found him!!!! I'm relieved that he was OK! She cried because of that explosion, and they hugged each other!! Look at that sizzling romance between them!!! 
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Aww so cute! I think She complement him, She is the strength he needs to overcome...
she cried like a child TT that showed how much she loves him! what do you all think??