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The King 2 Hearts Ep 15 - LIVE recap + screenshots - Part 3
 In the palace, they finally heard about the explosion during the mission. Jae Shin brought up the topic about Club M, and royal secretary said that he already took care of it. She found out that Si Kyung was asked to apologize to John Mayer and release the evil girl. She was surprised about that, and she can see how tired Si Kyung because of that. When he did his exercise, running, he was really emotional, and he cried alone. He must be really sad about the princess >< So Jae Shin met him, and she said "Please dont give up on me." Back in the WOC competition, the next day, they were having breakfast together. Korean and US team seems to get along really well. They are really supportive, regardless what happened the night before. 
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