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 After Jae Ha is back in Korea, he finally met John Mayer. John Mayer tried to confirm about the giftbox password, which is "People" and asked Jae Ha whether he is sure about this, because it seems that the "People" thing is not working. And he congratulated him for the engagement (I know he must be planning something for their engagement). The next scene took place in the engagement place. They came together with a car! Ha Ji Won is really pretty and Lee Seung Gi is really handsome too! What a lovely couple! And the highlight of this event is: the former king!! He appeared in a video that he already prepared before he passed away, and he lead the engagement ceremony!! He read the vow for them too! (At the same time, John Mayer was playing with tarot cards, but I don't want to put screenshots for this). So they are officially engaged!! Yeay!!! 
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thanks for the short recap
thank s again!
i just uploaded the previewwwwww enjoy everyone!!
Yeah reading thank U so much!
Thank you for the wonderful recap. So I could sit and wait for subtitles now. :D
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