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Just when you thought you couldn't love Gail Simone anymore.

From the same writer that brought us Birds of Prey and Oracle, the writer of Secret Six has confirmed that the character Porcelain is genderfluid. Praise be to Gail Simone!

What is genderfluidity?

For those that aren't familiar with the term- 'genderfluid' is an word that some people use when they don't identify as one gender, or when they feel that they don't conform to any specific gender role. The experience can vary among individuals; according to
A genderfluid individual's gender identity could be multiple genders at once, and then switch to none at all, or move between single gender identities. For some genderfluid people, these changes happen as often as several times a day, and for others, monthly, or less often

"Some days I feel like a girl... other days, not-so-much."

This seems like the perfect direction for the fan-favorite New 52 revival of Secret Six. Overall, DC Comic's revamp of their universe has been met with heavy criticism. The company rebooted their story lines in an attempt to compete with Marvel, but for the most part their success was short-lived. While some fans wish that the comics would remain as they were, without new changes and ideas, overwhelming opinion seems to be that more diversity and representation are what's needed for comics to continue being relevant today. The inclusion of a genderfluid character seems like a step in the right direction. However, DC will have to do a lot more if they intend to compete with Marvel's All-New All-Different lineup.
ohhh I haven't heard of this. Can't wait to read it!
@tardisdragon7 @candyland1986 @smnthcarter773 @YoSoySoysauce @BiblioLady I don't know if you all caught this news when it came out, but Gail Simone confirmed (I believe) the first genderfluid DC character a few months ago. Have any of you read these ones?
this is f***ing awesome
@BiblioLady @candyland1986 the character is really amazing! I'd definitely recommend these (and pretty much anything else Gail Simone has done)
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