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Phoenix are a fine band, mostly. They're good. I like them.
But my best friend LOVES them. So I listen to them a lot, because... you know... that's kind of how friends work, as far as I'm concerned. His favorite song is "Long Distance Call." The lyrics aren't anything outrageously poetic, but it's a nice song, and my friend is a nice friend, so here's to you, Brian.
"Where to go I had no idea about it
Most of the people do, they're only doing just fine
I don't wanna stay in place no more
Ain't doing well, well, well, I am only doing just fine"
One thing I really do like about Phoenix is their accent; when they first came to the US years ago, they didn't speak any English. Their songwriter wrote songs, and taught them how to pronounce the words, but they had no idea what they were singing for a while. So that's cool, because now, their accents are only vaguely European, if that.
Do it right this weekend. Have fun.