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“Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get — only with what you are expecting to give — which is everything.”

A four letting word that holds so much meaning, but what does it really mean? Whether you've been in love or have loved before than you know what an amazing feeling it is. We come into this world alone and leave alone, but for that short time while we are here having the opportunity to love and be loved makes everything a little bit better.
I had the pleasure of interviewing some amazing couples in Madison Square Park and getting to understand what they felt love was. Every answer was beautiful and that's what made it all the more beautiful. There's not just one definition. Love is what you make it. This is just part one of my three part series. If you've never been in love, take a moment and live vicariously through these lovely couples. Don't give up, you're time is soon to come.

Jay & Loraine

How Long Have They Been Together: Since April.
Where Did They Meet: At the bus stop.
What is Love: Jay says, "Love is when somebody loves you back."

Squirrel & Lynne

How Long Have They Been Together: A few days.
Where Did They Meet: The Williamsburg Bridge
What is Love: Lynne says, "Love is when you are connected to the world outside of yourself, but it's in yourself. Like there's a harmony between what is internal and what is external. Squirrel says, "Romantic love is when you're subconscious tries to trick you into expanding yourself in order to learn something and grow.

Casey & Adam

How Long Have They Been Together: 3 years.
Fun Fact: They were in New York visiting from Australia and Adam just purchased Casey's engagement ring. Congrats you too!
What is Love: Casey said, "Love is finding your perfect match in every way." Adam chimed in and said, "Sharing the same lifestyle, likes and dislikes and when you have a fight it only takes an hour to get over it."

Tamuz & George

How Long Have They Been Together: 7 years.
What is Love: Tamuz said, "Love is when you develop yourself to be with someone else. I sing about love all the time and write music about love -- being in love."
It was such an amazing opportunity to get a chance to hear these beautiful souls voice their opinion on this emotion we've grown to love and sometimes hate.
Stay tuned for PART TWO next Friday to see what lovers I bump into and hear what they have to say about this beautiful feeling!
this is fantastic!! its like vingle has its very own HONY haha i loved all these answers!
@jordanhamilton this is taking people-watching to the next level! awesome idea, awesome people, awesome card!
@jordanhamilton i believe it! it's got to be pretty nerve-racking to ask people to take their photo! i love how the photos are all different though - you definitely captured them acting natural!
Thanks so so much @jeff4122 ! I wanted to do something outside of the box. not only am I learning a thing or two, but I'm also stepping outside of my comfort zone at the same time.
Yay! Thanks so much @alywoah! At first I was def sure people would turn me down, but it was actually enjoyable talking to couples and hearing their opinions first hand. Made me want to fall in love, haha. but I can't wait to publish Pt. 2! Keep a look out :)
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