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In the wake of recent scandals, and now death threats, I wanted to share a few reasons why I can't help but love Rap Monster and hope that he recovers from these incidents quickly.

Please leave your reasons below!


He gives about ZERO shits about his image

He is drippin' swag-goo

No but actually, he IS swag

He tells it like it is

His own members are his fans

Jungkook joined Big Hit specifically because he thought Rap Mon was a god.

He's a simple dude

He cares about the music, not the label

He ADORES every single member of A.R.M.Y

& we LOVE him too!

He's honestly a great guy through and through. And isn't he incredibly smart? Like I heard he's got an impossibly high IQ. Also, I read somewhere that he supports the lgbt+ community and that made me love him even more (^。^)
I will forever love rapmon because he is what a leader should be and just an all around good person. Everyone makes mistakes and I don't think rapmon's should outweigh the beautiful person he is.
I love RM because he's cute, funny, and he's worked super hard to get where he is today. He is really talent and from what I've seen he's humble about it and cares about the fans.
I love him because even if he looks tough on the outside in the inside he's super fun and relaxed, because he's such a great leader! And I love how even if he can't dance he does for the members, the fans, and for fun... And I love him because he's simply Rap Monster!! ❤️❤️❤️
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