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Why We Love Rap Mon
In the wake of recent scandals, and now death threats, I wanted to share a few reasons why I can't help but love Rap Monster and hope that he recovers from these incidents quickly.

Please leave your reasons below!


He gives about ZERO shits about his image

He is drippin' swag-goo

No but actually, he IS swag

He tells it like it is

His own members are his fans

Jungkook joined Big Hit specifically because he thought Rap Mon was a god.

He's a simple dude

He cares about the music, not the label

He ADORES every single member of A.R.M.Y

& we LOVE him too!

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he sucks at dancing...but that's okay...his rapping skills make up for it 馃槒
Our wonderfully amazing RapMon is a precious teddy bear that we can't help but love for life. He's super talented as a rapper, even though he's not the best dancer in the world he never fails to make us smile. It's sad that people make his (and others) lives harder. I get it if you don't like them just don't ruin thier lives. He always shows how he loves and appreciates A.R.M.Y and always shows us. Let's not forget the amazing support and leadership skills. His looks on top of his talent and personality is an added bonus. He's just too cute and those dimples are literally a lethal weapon.
He is genius booksmart....but the common sense.....not so much. It's cute.