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Yeap, you heard right!

A brand-spankin' new Wilco record, their first in four years, was released yesterday evening. The price?


This seems to be all the rage these days - it started with Beyoncé, Drake did it earlier this year, and it really seems to be catching on. What's the deal? Frontman and personal idol Jeff Tweedy explained:

"Why release an album this way and why make it free? Well, the biggest reason, and I'm not sure we even need any others, is that it felt like it would be fun. What's more fun than a surprise?”

Nothing, Mr. Tweedy. Nothing is more fun than a surprise, especially when the surprise comes in the form of a new album from one of my favorite bands that features a portrait of a cat and a flower.
Wilco are definitely one of the best 'general' rock bands of the 21st century. They're always going to be in my top 5 favorite bands - they have such an amazingly impressive catalogue of outstanding music.

As for Star Wars?

So far, so good. After a quick listen, it sounds good. It sounds different, but it sounds good.
There's a distinct Black Keys-esque kind of sound to it. The guitar is scratchier and...well... rock-ier than we're used to hearing from Wilco. And Tweedy's voice is much, much deeper, but it sounds as good as it ever has, I think.
Download the album for free on their website. It's free for a limited time, so act now.
You can also stream the 11-song release above, on Youtube. So far, the standout is the third track, "Random Name Generator."

What a way to start a weekend.

I'm looking forward to listening to this! I totally missed this news so I'm really glad you wrote this card!
ok, yeah that’s the song I REALLY like too. @jeff4122
Random Name Generator on repeat. Jury's out on the rest, for now
I saw this! Wilco is awesome! Though it seems really interesting and different...haven’t decided if I’m a fan yet or not...