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Horoscope: Which DC Villain Are You?
So last week I helped you figure out which solo hero you are based on your horoscope. This week I'm joining the dark side- we're going to see which villain you are!
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You are literally the stuff that nightmares are made of. Exactly like The Scarecrow. Insidious and utterly terrifying, you have the power to make even the bravest heroes fall to their knees, shaking and wracked with fear.


Much like Solomon Grundy, your brute strength is your greatest asset. You're stubborn and unyielding. Definitely not a force to be reckoned with lightly!


They say that opposites attract, but that's never been the case for you. Like Bizarro, you repel your opposition. Everyone should watch out for you!


Reverse Flash: here to ruin your day, and every day you've ever had. You're definitely a quick thinker, and you're always a step ahead of everyone else.


You're a crafty one. Your daring courage makes you a lot like Catwoman. You won't be forgetting to look out for number one!


You're mysterious and clever. Talia al Ghul would be impressed by your cunning. Your intellect gives you an advantage over everyone else.


You're no joke- you're the Joker! Though you might not be the most popular, your perspective provides the necessary balance to challenge others and keep the world spinning and growing.


You might not seem like much at first, but you've got a serious sting when anyone gets on your bad side. Deathstroke is basically unstoppable, and so are you. Your enemies had better watch out!


Just like Lex Luthor, you're an opportunist. Your strength comes not from yourself, but from your ability to get power over others. You manipulate the course of events to your favor.


You might seem benign, but you've got a dangerous core. Like Sinestro, you've got goals and you're not prepared to let anyone stand in your way. Enemies beware!


Horrible doesn't begin to cover it. Like Bane, your wrath is unspeakable and brutal. Nobody's gonna be messing with you anytime soon.


You're not cold-hearted, you've just learned from past mistakes. You can stop anyone in their tracks, just like Mister Freeze. Feel free to give your haters the cold shoulder.
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