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I'm even more depressed about TRB tour when I found out that "fans" threatened Rap Monster to the point where the cancelled the fan meet. I feel bad for true ARMYs that were there and paid $200 that couldn't get their moneys worth. I also feel bad for true ARMYs like myself that wanted to go but couldn’t because butts like these people wasted money on tickets. It's crap like this that gives real Kpop fans a bad name. I'm really pissed and sad about this and I'm trying real hard not to swear...(I put this picture of J-hope because it fits lol) and now they greatly reduced the chance of them coming back to the east coast again. THANKS JERKS!
@RochelleDiamond, yeah gun that's are never a joke. Ever. Look at all of the mass shootings we have in America. We have to treat every that as if they were 100% serious because a majority of them ARE. That person should apologize to the idols and to the fans who missed out on so much because of their immature little bitch fit (excuse my language).
@ErinGregory the person who did it said they were joking and that ARMYs are stupid for taking it seriously. Like A GUN THREAT IS NOT A JOKE WHEN IT RUINS AN ENTIRE CONCERT EXPERIENCE FOR PEOPLE WHO WAITED YEARS FOR THIS
The things fans do sometimes just has me shaking my head
People that pull this kind of shit aren't fans at all, they're just jerks who only care about themselves and who want their 15 minutes of fame. Seriously. Real fans would never threaten people they look up to. -__-