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read it all here... http://www.koreaboo.com/featured/bts-cancels-hi-touch-new-york-city-following-threats-rap-monsters-life/ im sooo sorry rap mon. just know you still have fans that will never give up on you, we love and support you all.... BTS FIGHTING!!!!!!
 In said interview, some felt that Rap Monster made a colorist statement when talking about the first impressions he had of his fellow members. He shared, “Well, when I first saw V and J-Hope I couldn’t see them because they were too black. So…yeah, when the nights get dark, I couldn’t find them.” they have the interview you can tell he was joking, if hobi can laugh about it. i will too...
This is fuckin ridiculous. People need to calm down and go do something with their lives. They act as if he disrespected their mother
its just so sad.... i cried a little cause just everyone loves rap mon. and know he jokes aroud a lot and in the interview hobi laughed after he said the statement which made me smile and not think much of it.... sigh :( i hate fake fans
It sucks that fan interactions got cancelled, I know that's has to be the worst feeling to have been so close and then have it snatched away because of some dipdud in Canada 😑
This is getting so out of hand holy shit, poor Rap Mon <3