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For about half of the school year, I managed to have some K-Pop screen savers. While my screen saver was the magnificent derp faces of Block B, my robotics teacher had to take a look at my tablet. His reaction was a pause and an "Oh, wow..." I didn't have much of an explanation other than how they made me happy.
Other teachers have had to experience this one. Other classmates that sat close to me and look at me strange but it was worth it. It was similar to how it was with m robotics teacher. ☺️I set them as my screen savers to have something to smile at while sitting next to those extremely obnoxious people. My sister said that she knew a girl in her class that had her screen saver set as a very close up picture of G Dragon's face.
The reactions of non kpoppers are the best
It always cracks me up the way they take a second to process what is happening in the picture/MV.