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If you guys haven't heard about the recent news regarding BTS, this is about that. BTS just had their tour in NYC yesterday and it ended early with the cancelation of the hi-touch event.

Why? Because of a death threat directed towards Rap Monster.

A user tweeted a death threat to Rap Mon because of a statement he made during a past interview. It was as stated below: " Well, when I first saw V and J-Hope I couldn’t see them because they were too black. So…yeah, when the nights get dark, I couldn’t find them.” Ok. I get that the statement could cause a bit of controversy, but this is just not right. The user then later tweeted after hearing about the cancelation that it was obviously a joke that everyone took seriously.

When did death threat become a joke? They aren't.

Apparently this person is from Canada, which makes yhe Canadian Fandom look bad even though they don't represent them. Because of this one much was ruined. I'm so annoyed because they treated their threat as a joke and felt no responsibility afterwards for the inconvenience they've caused. I feel bad for the people who spent their precious money on the concert and BTS.
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@kpopandkimchi Yea I totally agree!!! Some people forget that idols are normal people too. I bet that tweeter wouldn't be like that if someone threatened someone they loved.
You know, when children are small most parents will say to children who have made a inappropiate comment, "How do you think you would feel if that person said something mean about you"...You know thd whole "golden rule about treating people the way you want to be treated. I don't see this anymore. What I do see is children running wild whose parents do even know what they are doing. Even at very small ages. This is where these kind of problems stem from. These children posting these things should face consequences, of a the very least the parents should. Maybe then they would teach basic internet etiquette.
Im still super glad i spent my money. Hey i got to see BTS live. Even if it wasnt a full concert, it was something. And thier precious smiles and great dancing as well as enthusiasm was well worth it. Im just glad they came and i hope they will come again. ARMY is strong, so is BTS. Especially Rap Mon he dont take BS like this. Lol
I am happy that they took that threat into consideration. Their safety should be taken into consideration, I just feel bad for those who had this amazing opportunity cut short or couldnt expereience to the fullest. I also fee bad for BTS im sure they were also very worried and wanted to greet their NYC fans in the High Touch. As long as ARMY continues to support each other and them all will be fine :)) We love you BTS!
were there a lot of people who threatened or was is a one person threat?