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Balance is key. That’s something you must learn early on throughout any health or fitness journey. Yes, you should eat oatmeal and fruit for breakfast. Yes, you should take daily walks during your lunch break. Yes, you should workout 4-5 times a week. Yes, you should maintain a consistent, clean eating schedule. And yes you should stay hydrated throughout the day.
But you should also drink your coffee the way you like it, even if that means adding one cream and two sugars. You should enjoy that piece of chocolate cake on a Friday night. You should have that occasional bowl of ice cream, while watching your favorite rom-com. You should enjoy those snacks at the family BBQ. You should have a couple drinks to celebrate that promotion. You should devour a slice of pizza and enjoy every cheesy bite.
Life’s too short as it is and to deprive yourself from all your favorite indulgences would be a crime. Being healthy is just as important as being happy. The moment I was able to find that balance I was able to live a happy and healthy life. I believe that anyone is capable of finding that as well if they remember that balance is key.
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hahaha I love chicken too @ijkj12
3 years ago·Reply
Oh really?? You can eat some food buddy!! i think chicken is made by god@!!@ @skee292
3 years ago·Reply
Fried chicken, pizza, cheeseburger. That's all you really need @ijkj12
3 years ago·Reply
oh your comment is very correct. But i eat foood what you told me im very fatting maybe @alywoah
3 years ago·Reply
I'm not understanding you @ijkj12
3 years ago·Reply