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Celebrities are always trying their hand at things they might not be the most qualified to do. Fashion lines and design collaborations are one celebrity favorite, whether they claim to be die-hard fashion fans, trying to test out their artistic boundaries, or simply trying to expand their own brand and maybe make some extra income on the side. Here are the best and most memorable celebrity fashion lines and collaborations.
Above: Kanye West's unisex collection with Adidas that didn't quite take off.

1. Kate Moss for Topshop

What could have easily been a one-time stint has turned into a major aspect of the Topshop brand. Kate Moss has proven her chops as more than just a model within the fashion industry, and the company kept on bringing her back to do more. Kate Moss has now designed 14 collections for Topshop, as each project has brought the brand success beyond anyone's expectations.

2. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, The Row

The Olsen twins have gone from fashion icons to masters of design of their own right. While contemporary line Elizabeth and James is also arguably a top collection by the stars, sophisticated and chic line The Row has earned serious recognition in the fashion industry, winning the CFDA Womenswear award in 2012 and staying strong since.

3. Nicole Richie, House of Harlow

Nicole Richie has come a long way since starring in the Simple Life with Paris Hilton and starting scandals as a wild socialite. The mother of two has settled down and worked in and out of the fashion world, and her jewelry line, House of Harlow, is emblematic of this change. They do pretty well, and Richie is praised as a vintage accessory maven.

4. Gwen Stefani, L.A.M.B

Gwen Stefani has long been known for her funky and cool fashion sense, from early days as a rocker chick to more recent years as a fashion risk-taking mom and eternal style icon. Her clothing and accessory line L.A.M.B, which began in time with her album of the same title. The line is still going strong, known most for their killer high-heels but also their bold fabrics influenced by an ecclectic mix of cultures worldwide.

5. Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony

Actress Chloe Sevigny has been known for her ecclectic fashion sense years before she began designing for Opening Ceremony, so her late-2000's partnership with the brand was anything but shocking. Though she hasn't risen to the top of the fashion world yet, Sevigny has been a love or hate her character for fashion, and her design collaborations with Opening Ceremony seem to be an ongoing project.

6. Victoria Beckham, Victoria Beckham

What could have been predicted to be a side project has turned into a full career for Victoria Beckham, eclipsing her fame as a socialite and member of the Spice Girls. Her sophisticated dresses are timeless pieces that appeal to an array of ages, and her sister brand, Victoria Victoria Beckham, is both whimsical, fun, and more accessible in price.

7. Kanye West for APC

His collection with Adidas was a bit of a bust, but Kanye's collaborations with French label A.P.C have been pretty successful, and the brand brought him back for a third collection this year. The rapper is everywhere in the media, and has made himself out to be a bit of a fashion icon, so it only makes sense that he try his hand at design time and time again. This collab flew slightly more under the radar than his publicized work with Adidas, which perhaps is why it wasn't torn apart by the media.
@JordanNash Victoria's definitely proven her abilities with her line. It's just so wearable and classic! My favorite is actually the Olsen Twins' the Row, but I love their Elizabeth and James line too.
I think Victoria Beckham's line is my favorite. It's classy with a little bit of funky flair and all her pieces are really wearable
Yes @Gavriella I do like their lines a lot too! Fashion at its finest.