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An intricate cosplay is a serious commitment.

People spend months- sometimes years- building their costume. It's really a demonstration of love for the character. So anyone who spent a long time building a beautiful costume (like Evil Guppy, above) is probably totally pumped for the movie tonight.
This adorable costume set by Cream of Cosplay is definitely parenting done right. This Ant-Man movie is being presented as fairly kid-friendly, so if you and your little one are looking for costume ideas, this would be an excellent choice!
Cosplayer jodipayneart found another excellent costume for her and her kid. Ant-Man and Wasp don't have the best history together as characters, but it's hard to think of one without the other. And it's kind of adorable to see a tiny Ant-Man with a grownup Wasp- it's like an homage to the character's powers!
If you're looking for a cosplay you can do with your friend, Ant-Man and his nemesis Yellow Jacket might be a great idea! These two cosplayers (spotted at DragonCon 2012) were clearly inspired by the comics. Who else wants to see them battle it out?
Here's a more grown-up version of the Ant-Man and Wasp costumes. Seen at Baltimore Comic Con 2014, they definitely look like a duo any villain should fear. While it's totally a blast to do costumes with friends or a group, you can always dress up on your own. I've met lots of friends as a cosplayer- if you're the only costumed one in a group you tend to stand out.
If you weren't at the midnight premire, it's totally fine. Especially since the target audience for the film is younger, staying up that late on a school night is a little much for some folks (even though it's summer). For anyone that's been waiting for Ant-Man to finally see the silver screen- congrats! I hope it's everything you want it to be. Please share pics of your cosplay with me!
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I like all the idfferent stylings people took on of them