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you are yourself..... Your a regular fangirl, doing what you do best and FANGIRLING over your fave kpop band Big Bang. After there most hypist comeback "bang bang bang" updating your vingle and twitter every min. One day you do what you do best and sent a tweet to T.O.P and sent what you send every night before you go to sleep "goodnight oppa hope you have a good day and night, cant wait to see you in you US tour!!" The next morning you see that YG Entertainment has followed you back and OPPA!! YOU FANGIRL FOR ABOUT 20 mins. Then you check you vingle message to see to have a message. "The big bang contest isnt over yet but we got an extra ticket and the members for BB are very happy to tell you, that you will be getting a VVIP pass!" At a lost for words, your like 'this have to be a mistake! i never win any of these!!!' Then your phone rings..... "Hello, (your name) this is (your states airport) and we are calling to tell you that your flight to seoul, South Korea leave at 12am." You check the clock.... 11:25!!!!!
if this happen to anyone of us..I'm sure we'd all freak..if only..
I would fall over, dead. This would involve a lot more than just fangirling hahahaha
I would cry. . . .no lie if this really happened I'd drop everything!
Awesome! I loved it
Omg omg !!!! If only that happens to me 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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