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Some of us have relaxed parents, some of us have those parents who we swear are prison guards of the house. If you have strict parents -- I just want to say, "sorry."

Dad, Can We Extend Curfew to 9:30PM?

Why did you even ask? You know the 'rents are going to say no. Even if you're in your 20s, don't believe for one second they will consider being more flexible with your curfew. Their house, their rules. While everyone's hitting the local dive bar, you're at home snuggled in the middle of your parents, watching G-rated films. Cozy.

Delete All History. Abort! Abort!

If you have a phone or laptop, you know the routine. Delete everything. But for good measure, the search history on how to "Study Effectively For The SAT" can stay.

Don't Ever Use The House Phone

I know it's 2015, but if you have no other option but to use the house phone...Dont'. Do. It. They'll listen to your conversations. And the beau your parents don't know about? And you better rethink about calling your beau on the landline. Because they'll find out.

Coordinating Lies With Friends

If you're planning on to lying to your parents, you're going to have to coordinate a series of lies with friends and friend's parents. Everyone must believe you're at a volunteer function, not drinking around a bonfire.

But Little Do They Know...

They are actually molding you into a super sneaky, clever, lying machine. Thanks mom and dad.
this is so accurate lol
my strict mom just knew everything. There was no stopping her!
this is all tooooo real! I'm the oldest of my friends and have the strictest parents ugh
haha, ohhhhh you were that friend! lol see I was the friend who got lied for
@jordanhamilton i had a friend who had strict parents. I was the friend who lied on her behalf lol.
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