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I have a love for Top's part with the astronaut. I love the cowboy hat (me being from the South, I LOVE cowboy hats!) and I love the creepiness of him singing to himself in the suit... Then add in the Doctor Who reference that I SWEAR IS THERE! <3 Definitely my favorite bit.
@PattyJue, GD's part IS really good!! It's all so good it's really hard to pick a favorite part hahaha if I didn't see a DW reference, I'm not sure I'd be able to! @montha91
I like the entire MV, but if I had to pick a part it would have to be GD's part, of course. His my bias.
@ErinGregory I can't choose a member, so I choose a scene when their all together. @IlseJimenez now I have to watch the behind the scene. Lol
@ErinGregory yes it was cute and funny. it looked like when a little kid goes inside a candy store
@ErinGregory when I saw the astronaut it also reminded me of Doctor Who
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