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Dear Instagram,
It might be a little hard for me to get your attention, since you clearly have blocked my "curvy" body from your site, so for now, I guess you can find this letter of indignation under the hash tag of #FatFuck, #FatFuckFriday, or just plain #Bitch.
I'm sorry that my "curvy" body offends you so much, you felt the need to block that word from your social media page. I apologize that my chest, and hips elicit so much #hatred or, I guess disgusting #sexualfrusturation, that you had to protect the innocent eyes of #skinny people out there!
Thank god for your quick thinking! Had I been able to show my "curvy" body in a picture on the beach #skinnylove could have collapsed, leaving behind nothing but some #crazybitches and #cuttingforlove.
Maybe its our fat rolls that have caused all the chaos, since I know for a fact everyone thinks our #bigboobsrule. Silly us, we #bigbootyhoes with our #plussizebras; how could we ever think that we had the same privilege that the #skinnybitches of the world have?

I am so sorry that the hashtag "curvy" got so out of hand that it violated "Instagram’s community guidelines around nudity"

more then #dildos, #clits, #xxxlife, and #pussyeater. Fun fact that last one has 7,657 posts and counting, YAYYY.
I can't even imagine what would happen if someone posted a "curvy" girls "nipple". Instagram would have exploded.
All in all Instagram, you are the fucking worst. Body shame, fat shame and lie all you want, taking down "curvy" because it lead to "images and videos that violated Instagram’s community guidelines around nudity" is total bullshit and no one believes it for a second. I don't know why, but maybe it has to do with the fact that #fatpig and #obese are still allowed.
I hate that I had to write this letter Instagram, but you #forced me.
Love Always,
I have never noticed that wow I'm like somewhat skinny so don't hate but I had no idea that this was happening girls I got ur back!
what's your instagram @LizArnone send me a picture of your choice and I'll post it and say #curvy
@nicolejb I LOVE IT !!!! i knew there was going to be uproar and ways around it but i just hate that the word curvy is soooooo horrifying that random shit like #cuttingforzyan and #pussyeater is considered better. GRRRRRR
I saw this! Women are now protesting by doing: #curevee How awesome is that?!
I can't believe they did that. This is absolute bullshit.
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