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This randomly started playing on YouTube after another BIGBANG song and I ended up watching the whole thing lol Can you imagine being that guy in the beginning? Having one of the freaking idols sit next to you and just. Look at you while singing?? Holy crap hahaha Then the ending was a COMPLETE change in mood! <3
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@LuzBarron, right! It was a huge mood changer too, they went from super energetic and happy to incredibly sad and I tried really hard not to cry there hahahaha
They tear my heart to pieces and I'm literally sitting here crying
seriously i just cant ..i cant watch these videos from life performances im all envious of all the people who can go and feel the energy i bet that the energy coming from the videos is just like 1% of what it feels like for real...
i love lies .. and there is this one moment here when they have TOP close up and he has those colored lenses and when i see it .... *breathe breathe * ..i love the song lies really :)
@CathC, I usually don't like live videos either, but for a different reason. With the crowds screaming, it's more difficult to HEAR the music and if I turn it up loud enough to hear the singing, I go deaf from the screaming hahahaha but I really liked this one. :-)