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Welcome to the second battle in Fantasy Kpop.

Today you'll need to choose who you think is the best dancer in Kpop - boys or girls!
If you haven't added your Fantasy group to the list, you can do that here!

To be a great dancer you have to be sure that:

You have killer leg muscles!

An incredible crew backing you up

Innnnnnnnnsane sex appeal

Some weird-ass dance moves

And the ability to have FUN

Here are the categories, leave your votes in the comments below!

1. Most Viral Dance (Like Wonder Girls' Tell Me)

2. Sexiest Dancer

3. Best Dancing Duo

4. Best Use of Props (like SHINee's mics in Dream Girl)

5. Most In Sync Group


1.Gangman style - PSY 2.GAIN 3.JJ PROJECT before becoming Got7 4.Henry- Fantastic 5.BTS
3 years ago·Reply
1. Touch my body by Sistar 2. Jay Park 3. Troublemaker 4. 2pm A. D. T. O. Y ❤ 5. BTS 😊😊 Thank you for tagging me 💘
3 years ago·Reply
1. INFINITE's scorpion dance 2. Shinee's Taemin 3. Dongwoo and Hoya of INFINITE H 4. 2pm's chairs in ADTOY 5. INFINITE!
3 years ago·Reply
Wait for dancing duo I vote Jhope and jimin from BTS
3 years ago·Reply
Up Down -EXID Jay Park Vixx Super Junior BTS
3 years ago·Reply
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