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Someone better inform the Presidential candidates of the power of the Based God.

While we are a year and a half away from the 2016 presidential election, Lil B still finds it important to stay informed in the political race. As a result, the former XXL Freshmen has began to follow numerous candidates to get familiar with their policies. In addition to Hillary Clinton, he also follows a number of Republicans running for president: Jeb Bush, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum. How many on that list have interacted or followed Lil B back? Not one.
One has stepped up to the plate and followed the Based God, and Lil B has strong words for the candidate.
The candidate is named is Bernie Sanders, and like the Based God, he is known as a man of the people. Fifty years ago, he marched on Washington with Dr. King. He's an ex-hippie who wants to legalize marijuana. Sanders' core issue is income inequality, which he intends to fight with higher taxes on the wealthy, a $15/hr minimum wage, public health care for everyone, and other expanded social services.
From the looks of the info, Sanders seems like a straight shooter we can all get behind, and Lil B has stepped up and pledged his support via social media.
Tweets from the based God:
The streets and the hood is showing love to Bernie @BernieSanders @SenSanders and sayin he got good morals and he follows Lil B LOVE - Lil B

I herd Bernie @BernieSanders @SenSanders marched against segregation in the 60s which was not long ago! I love that brave dude! - Lil B

Someone better get these political candidates hip to the impact of social media nowadays. Lil B is one of the strong influence in music world on twitter.
These guys shouldn’t sweep Lil B under the table based on his appearance as well. The Based God has been a man of the people since day one. He has toured the nation delivering workshops to young college students. Very few have such a powerful voice and deep range of fans as Lil B.
Don’t underestimate the power of the based god. He is surely cooking something special on social media right now.