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As various different medias expand, the lines between them start to disintegrate, and blurring starts to occur. You see this happening more and more these days, especially in film; movies based on novels, movies based on comic books, movies based on videogames, even movies based on board games. Everything seems to be an adaptation of some kind or another now.
The gaming industry is only just getting started blurring these lines. It seems like every action movie gets a tie-in video game now, and for a while there have been some decent games based off of comic books, and video game versions of board and card games.
Isn't it time that games start adapting novels? I think so, and I even have a few ideas...

To Kill a Mockingbird - Point and Click Adventure

Think about it; you ARE Scout Finch, precocious young girl caught up in the mix of racial tensions in the Deep South. You venture around the humble town of Maycomb, dealing with the insults and slurs hurled at you by the townspeople for your father's actions, all the while collecting trinkets and toys given to you by Boo Radley and others.
Maybe it can change the narrative of the original story. Maybe you find the key to Tom Robinson's cell and set him free, and justice gets served.

Moby Dick - Survival Horror

You, an old, bitter man, battered by the weather and fighting day and night to keep crew morale up and tussle with the great beast, the White Whale. The gameplay would take place exclusively at night time, as you engage in fierce,terrifying combat. but you have only a limited number of harpoons, and you need to keep enough crew alive to maintain the ship.
And you can't see all that lurks beneath the waves...

The Catcher in the Rye - Just an Awful, Awful Dating Sim

You're a lonely, whiny, shitty kid in a big, bustling, unfriendly city. You'll need to finagle your way into the heart of some poor girl, most likely a teenage prostitute, in order to have a place to stay for the night. How will you pay for the dates you need to go on? Well, you've always got your little sister to steal from, you sack of human garbage.
@shannonl5 he'd just whine the entire time
Omg the actual worst dating sim.
@VinMcCarthy it would be alienating and unreliable. Not just the story, the entire interface. Every once in a while you'd walk into a room expecting a certain experience and get something completely different. Your character would drop items all the time.