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They wow-ed us with their Bad MV and song and now the 360 version! And you get to see their beautiful faces up close!
I'm onto them! They are trying to crush the fangirl hearts!
Can Sungyeol and Dongwoo stop being so perfect?
No? Okay. Guess I'll just have to deal with it, lol.
What did you guys think of the 360 version of the MV?
Noticed you guys over at the Infinite community and some Infinite cards, let me know if you don't want me to tag you in future Infinite cards. :D
I crack up every time the deer appeared. It's just there while they are awkwardly walking down lol but Dongwoo killed me....as well as Woohyun, every single time he opened his mouth I got chills!! I love this though. Is there a dance version or something?! I wanna see the entire dance
@SharayahTodd hahahahahahaa lol once I had a dream where L and I were having Watermelon on a rooftop house. it was great, the watermelon I mean. the est day I was painting with L and the day after that I was trying to sell him INFINITE's Back album. and I dont even like L as much. hes on the 6 position on ny INFINITE rank of INFINITE bias
@AgentLeo same here. I love all of them, even Hoya! but if I had to choose one itd either be SungGyu or DongWoo. and I agree with SungGyu's voice. he has a really really beautiful voice. you dont realize that when its the entire band but for his solo albums its that much more evident.
@adikiller totsss
@adikiller @SharayahTodd @poojas guys i totally bias the deer thing. i meann iittsss soo cute and like it has ammmazing dance skills. and like its this perfect tan color annddd ugh its so beautiful
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