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In Colorado, Legal weed is paying off the state's educational system. And recreational marijuana taxes have exceeded expectations...raising WAY more then it did the previous year... 2015 total to $13.7 million, edging the $13.3 million it raised in all of 2014.
Money is LITERALLY growing on trees.
This is a classic case of something controversial working in favor of the state. When the state allowed the use of recreational marijuana, there was lot of backlash.
It’s awesome that they are using the taxes for a productive cause...Like building and improving schools.
Now I wonder how much more they are making in tourism because of all the people coming to Colorado for the weed? ...Only time will tell how the legalization of the drug is fully expanding the states economy.
People don't know enough, that's the problem. Most don't know about endocannabinoid system in our bodies, what CBD is,how it works. Strain like Charlotte's Web don't have any thc(psychoactive compound) but lots of CBD. Which is not psychoactive, anti inflammatory and much more. It's best thing you can give to kids because it supports normal body functioning.
Make a plant illegal is total absurd. We are most oppressed society, as any society in the past, if tolerate it. It's a sign of cultural immaturity. It is our birthright, how we want to relate to changing our minds...
Hmm that’s so interesting @HermitRay. where do you learn all of this?
I think they should be educated, yes. but I don’t know if we should give that to kids until they are old enough to consent. @HermitRay
@nicolejb oh and not smoking it. Make oil out of weed
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