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Paris Fashion Couture Week just drew to a close, and with the fashion week tents come a slew of enviable street style looks. Parisian fashion is coveted and studied, but the ecclectic fashion of fashionistas who travel worldwide to see the shows is a more interesting mix, as demonstrated through street style snaps. Here are my favorites.
She makes overall shorts look legitimately high fashion, even when layering them over more denim.
This girl mixes prints and colorful details, but they're all on the small scale, so it totally comes together.
Those glasses, that long hair, that scarf; this girl screams 1970's and we love it. She definitely has a little bit of a Diane Keaton in Annie Hall look going on, and it's working for her.
She rocks that jumpsuit and so can you. Is this not the look you wish you could wear all summer long?
I've said it before and I'll say it again; a gaggle of fashionable friends is better than one true fashionista standing alone. These girls revive my love of summer in bright prints and bare legs.
This lady wears head-to-toe designer in a way that manages to stay humble, fresh, and cool, so you can love her look but can't bear to hate her.
Here's where true french girls make it easy for us to identify them; that striped button-down, the scarf around the neck, and the denim love are all staples.
This look is so matchy-matchy and pseudo-sleepwear, but those insane shoes and glasses show she has the attitude to work it.
These two girls could be experiencing a trend overload, but for whatever reason, it works. Their silhouettes are total contradictions, but then again, opposites attract.
You can't help but want her ability to play with textures. So much sheer, but she keeps it ladylike.
The most 90's layering I've ever been envious of. How does she keep cool and look cool with so much on?
And to finish off the street style parade, we have Doutzen Kroes blowing a kiss like the etherial angel she is.