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Ok so I know I'm might be doing this a little late but please support Rap monster. I even cried a little last night before I went to bed just thinking about this. The concert in NYC was a disaster and that's what I heard. I live 13 hours away from New York but still I feel bad for those who didn't get to see BTS the full time. I hate to say it but it almost looks like Rap monster's life is on the line. It's crazy very insane. He made a mistake yeah I get that, EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's a human and human's are not perfect, everybody is going to make a mistake once in their lives. I love BTS and I will support them no matter what. I just for those who realize that this is not worth the argument, none of it is, SO PLEASE STOP WITH THE THREATS! I'm sick and tired of it all. I just want to go to the members right now and give them hugs and say " don't worry, ARMYS are always here to support "
So I'm going to make a twitter account just so I can help and support RM and the other members. Please and everybody PLEASE help. Real ARMYS would.
I love all my Vingle family <3
@heidichiesa Exactly!! I'm light-skinned but black and compared in Korea I'm like consider dark-skinned but I'm not offended by what he said, it was joke and he was playing and I understand cause their all very close friends and I'm pretty sure J-hope and V didn't take it seriously.
I feel so sorry for namjoon 오빠 AMD the whole group. they work so hard. and Everyone keeps saying he made a mistake but I see nothing wrong with what he said at all and I'm half black. he was joking with his close friends and band mates. people overreact too much
and #NothingwithoutNamjoon
omg so true I mean he made a mistake, so what? Also, I think it was Jin and Suga said almost the same thing and didnt get any hate #lovenamjoon