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Don't be square (pun intended): rock geometric prints! Geometric-inspired prints are incredibly fashionable at the moment. Take a trip down memory lane back to geometry class and rock geometric fashion prints.

Geometric-printed clothes

If you want to stand out in the bland-fashion crowd, geometric prints are a great and fashionable way to do it! Pick a cool geometric print and stick with it in your outfit. Don't overwhelm the print with other detailed pieces — let the geometric-printed piece of clothing be your statement piece in the outfit.

Geometric-printed shoes

Keep the fashionable trend going all the way to your toes with geometric-printed shoes.

Geometric-printed accessories

If you don't want to go big with the geometric print, try the print on some accessories. You can go for geometric-shaped jewelry or geometric-printed bags and clutches. Just make sure you aren't overwhelming your printed accessories with a busy outfit!

Geometric print fashion inspiration

Here is some fashion inspiration on how to style geometric-printed clothing, shoes or accessories.