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I'm the type of person who has NO TOLERANCE for hate of any kind. I can't stand comments that are bigoted in any way, including comments that show racism.
I'm also the type of person who can see when someone is joking with his/her friends. It's NORMAL to joke and make fun of your friends. If you can't poke fun at them, you aren't really friends.
Rap Monsters comment was, in no way, racist. He was making a joking remark towards his friends. People are taking things waaay out of context, especially here in the U.S. We joke like this ALL OF THE TIME, but other people can't? That doesn't make any sense.
His comment was about as racist as my friends are when they make comments like THIS towards me. Is this racist? Absolutely not. Am I ever offended when someone says something like this towards me? Hell no. I am really pale. It's a fact. My friends are joking around because of that fact. Which is also a fact. ANYONE who takes comments like this too seriously obviously have no idea how friends are supposed to interact.
Conclusion? Everyone needs to calm their tits and stop complaining just for the sake of complaining. It's not nice to be jerks to others, even if they're idols (just because they're famous doesn't give you a special pass to be mean and expect to be forgiven) and saying such hateful, hurtful comments towards them is psychologically and emotionally damaging. Idols have feelings too. People need to respect that fact and be mindful of what they say.
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@SarahWise, that's so true. These people are cherry picking what is and isn't okay, but only for certain people/groups. It's okay for certain people to do or say these things, but not for others. SMH.
@Chaunti, my family has always made fun of me for being super pale. And I have always made fun of my sister for being darker. No lie, I used to (I still do) call her a mexican whore. As a joke. I laugh, she laughs, it's all good. It's normal for family members and friends to make fun of each other like this.
Yes and with everything going on in America I think people are looking for racism everywhere. And while it exists people don't need to look for it in every comment and especially since it was with people from a different country. Korean humor is super blunt and hard.
@Chaunti, that is very true. :-( There's enough hate in this world and even in this country without looking for it in places it's not. (If that made sense). People really need to try and understand the culture in other counties before they start trying to nitpick at what people in those countries are saying.
I know I completely understand what you're saying and I agree