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Who was the first kpop group that made you realize that language doesnt matter? For me it was bigbang!
I love this! I've always known language has no language barrier, my family lived in Germany when I was 11-14 and got into a lot of European groups. My first one was O-Zone, which is a Moldovan-Romanian group (one of their songs got REALLY popular in the states years ago, Dragonstae Din Tei, commonly known as the "numa numa song" BUT THAT IS NOT IT'S PROPER NAME). My first Korean group though was Exo :-)
bigbang for me as well.
I started with SS501 because I heard them on Boys over Flowers, then they disbanded so I found Big Bang and I've been a VIP ever since! I have since enjoyed music from Beast, 2pm, Exo, Super Junior, Epik High, Jay Park. I am partial to YG though but I whole heartedly agree that music is universal and goes way past any barriers. Kpop is a part of me forever. it's there for me no matter what I'm going through in life and pushes me to keep fighting!
It was Super Junior for me definitely!! Even though I've heard OSTs because of K-Dramas, they never got me IN to K-Pop.
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