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"Ok man, it's our day off. We're accountants and it sucks. But we're also fucking insane. So, what should we do for our day off?"
"I know what we'll do. Check it out: we'll go to the tallest building in town. And we'll find our way up to the roof. And then... and then we'll tempt fate. I'm going to hang off the side of the tallest building in the city using your arm and your arm only as my safety cord. So it's not really a cord at all, it's basically like a heart-pounding extended high-five. So if you drop, me, BRO, I'm going to die, and you're going to watch on for the full minute it takes me to drop the 100 stories to the ground. I'll yell at you on my way down, telling you that you never should've talked me into this (even though I'm the one telling you what we're going to do), and I'll probably swear a little bit, at least. Basically, just don't drop me, bro."


Breathe, folks. They're the idiots, not us. Breaaaaaathe.
I was waiting for someone to die... omg!
@missophiestik I know! crazy people hahah