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Talk about timing!

I just made a card about him yesterday and talked about waiting for his next drama and now...
The announcement has happened!
So Ji Sub will be starring in a KBS Monday-Tuesday drama called "Oh My God."
It's going to be a romantic comedy! (Master's Sun vibes anyone?)
And the drama is about the two of them dieting and looking for love. (This plot already sounds hilarious!)
The female lead is Shin Min Ah. How do you think the chemistry will work out between these two? I will definitely miss seeing him alongside the amazing Gong Hyo Jin.
I'd be so happy if the story is as good as the Hong sisters' Master's Sun. Can't wait to see this handsome man again!
Guys, this drama is going to kill me with feels. I already know it!
omg i can't wait i love So Ji Sub he is soo hot and talented!!!
ahhhh! intense fangirl feels, so exciting. thank you @poojas
I adore this man. I will support him in whatever he does. I am so excited to watch this! ^^
Ji Sub and MinAh oooohhhhh this sounds interesting
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