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I don't know if you guys saw @jordanhamilton's card, "Five Awkward Stages of Getting to Know Someone," but I was so inspired by her remark in the comments about the investment we make when we fall in love. So inspired, in fact, that I turned her words into the image you see above! :)
When we enter a relationship with someone, it's like investing in something. Just like a piece of art you're going to hang on the wall of your home, you're going to see this person every day. They're going to change the tone of your life, the way art changes the tone of a room. They may even become your focal point, the object that everything else revolves around.
When you do decide to purchase a painting, make sure it's a masterpiece. Your time, energy, heart, and love are too valuable to spend on anything less.
And before you go buying any art, make sure to finish your own painting. It takes time, but you're a masterpiece in your own right – let your beauty shine!
No room for a masterpiece. Mine takes up the whole damn space! LOL It's a cute card @allischaaff
Hahaha @marshalledgar your work of art is so amazing that it just fills the entire apartment. Lol!!! XD and thank you @jlee37 :*
You are very welcome miss lady!!!
You are very welcome.
Wow I love this.😊
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