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Druglord "El Chapo" Escaped Prison Through A Tunnel

If you're wondering who the hell is this "El Chapo" Guzmán guy is and why he's making headlines, I'll give you a snippet of what's going on. Joaquín Guzmán who is known as "El Chapo" is a Mexican drug lord, and he is one of the most powerful person in the world.
In 1993 he was captured in Guatemala and sentenced to 20 years in prison for murder and drug trafficking. In 2001, he was able to escape a high-security prison in Mexico by bribing prison officials.
In 2014, he was found and arrested inside his beachfront home in Mexico. He was basically chillin' in an expensive condo, and living that good life by a beach.
Guess who ran away again? El Chapo escaped from prison on July 11th, 2015.
But this time, there was an elaborate plan for his escape. A tunnel was built just for him. He didn't have to crawl, or suffocate -- this tunnel was large enough for him to walk comfortably, it was ventilated, had lighting, and it stretched for about a mile long.
He is still on the run and there is a 3.8 million reward for his capture.

Check out the video of the escape tunnel.

Uh no thanks. I have no desire to have a rich and crazy man living in my house... @LizArnone
@nicolejb @alywoah i also heard he was willing to offer a few million if anyone housed him to keep him from getting arrested again.
it's sad because Mexico could be a real powerhouse if they cleaned up their corruption
Oooh okay, gotcha.
@alywoah no, i meant that his cartel is just one cartel and that he has a lot of competition.
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