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♡There's only one Rapmon and he's irreplaceable.
Keep the faith ARMYs....Be positive.....show the boys love and support. Especially Namjoon.... he's very hard on himself and I can only guess that he's obsessing over this whole mess just like we all are and likely blaming himself.....just like we're all embarrassed and blaming ourselves for the wrecklessness and incomprehensible stupidity of one so-called fan.... But we need to stay postitive♡
And honestly....say a prayer for the cray chick who "thought it would be funny" to pull a stunt like this....you need Jesus, girl.
Go to the light and see Jesus because I can't even deal with you right now.....
@NaomiElliott i waited til today to post anything about it because it honestly made me so sick.....but I figured it wiser as an older Kpopper to respond with love than more negativity....because honestly last night I could've cut a britch....(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)(´ヮ`)
I totally agree @PassTheSuga :)
prayers for them be strong guys. and to the person who did it you are selfish and rude and you need to get a life. thank you very much.
thanks @PassTheSuga nd I completely agree w you. I hope this whole mess here forgotten quickly I love nd miss him I am praying he is not taking it too hard on himself yeah let's all stay positive love nd support them always. :)
yasssss @passthesuga
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