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It is getting harder and harder to accept ourselves. We are pulled in countless different directions, how to look, act, speak, sound, to morph ourselves into a "beautiful person". Unfortunatly, things like social media, TV, chat rooms and magazines do little to help boost self confidence. Which is why I am here to remind you that you are beautiful, in every single way.
Everyone feels like shit sometimes. I know its hard to believe, but even the most confident people feel terrible about themselves sometimes. and while it might see crazy, knowing that you aren't alone when you are having an "ugly" day will make you feel way better. This doesnt make those feeling ok (since everyone should feel happy with themselves) but cut yourself some slack and on rough days curl up with the people you love and have them remind you how AMAZING you are.
Beauty does not equate to perfect. Just because you have flaws (new flash everyone does), doesn't mean that you aren't perfect just the way you are. Your friends, parents, future spouse will love you BECAUSE of your weird, adorable, completely insane quirks. Don't try and be perfect, because then you won't be you.
No one in the world looks like you. Take a second and think about that for a second, because I know that sounds cliche. No one, out of the billions of people on the planet, looks like you. I mean sure, you could find someone whose ID you can pass for to sneak into bars, but you have a look, style and personality that is so uniquely you that the world itself would be altered if you weren't here. And if thats not beautiful I really don't know what is!
This is great. Good reminder today!
makes me feel good about myself