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I found this guide to picking produce from Real Simple. I always wished that grocery stores published this stuff to make it easy at the store. But now that I have this, I can finally buy avocados and watermelons with ease! I can't tell you how many times I've been burned by both!
Speaking of avocados, did you see the card about KEEPING YOUR GUACAMOLE FROM TURNING BROWN?! I tried out the trick on two separate occasions and it WORKED LIKE A CHARM! Click here to view the card! @DaniaChicago wrote the card and even included THE BEST guac recipe, which is from Chipotle! No more spending $2.75 extra there again!
With it being summer and all, squash seems to be permeating menus all over LA. Is that happening in your area too? With this produce guide, you can finally pick the best squash for your mealtime--worry-free! Click here to see how to prepare Squash for your weekend. It's by fellow Vingler @Allischaaff
What are your favorite summertime recipes or tricks to finding the best produce?
@allischaaff I just realized that I forgot to link your recipe. sorry about that. I will update this to link back to your card.
Yes yes yes!!! This is super useful, @marshalledgar! Thanks for sharing :) and thanks for checking out my recipe card!! I'm totally using this next time I buy lemons or limes -- last night I realized mine were almost too hard and dry to squeeze. -___-
No worries @marshalledgar! :) I'm just so honored hahaha