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for the sake of hoping to lighten up my own mood a little bit after all this trb in usa drama, here's a list of my favorite MR Removed performances~ first video is without MR, second is with. i tried to only choose from YHYSB because the videos are better quality! they're not in any order btw! what about you guys? do y'all have any favorite MR Removed performances? :-)
B1A4 (비원에이포) - Violet Fragrance (보랏빛 향기)
B.A.P (비에이피) - 1004 (천사) *couldn't find with MR on YHYSB so included a live performance and the MV instead!
SPICA (스피카) - Tonight (투나잇) *couldn't find with MR on YHYSB so included a live performance, the MV, and an acoustic performance instead!
WINNER (위너) - Empty (공허해)
Taeyang (태양) - Eyes, Nose, Lips (눈, 코, 입)
MBLAQ (엠블랙) - Be A Man (남자답게)
BEAST (비스트) - Fiction (픽션) *with MR starts at 1:20!
Shinhwa (신화) - Sniper (표적)
MFBTY - Angel
Big Bang (빅뱅) - Lies (거짓말) *with MR starts at 2:30!
Mad Clown (매드클라운) Feat. Jinsil - Fire (화)
Epik High (에픽하이) Feat. Lee Suhyun (이수현) - Happen Ending (헤픈엔딩)
EXID (이엑스아이디) - Up and Down (위아래) *this performance was accidentally done without MR, so i included a live performance and the MV instead!
B.A.P (비에이피) - No Mercy (노 멀씨) *this performance was basically done without MR, so i included a live performance (one of my favorite live B.A.P performances) and the MV instead!
@netchtiBates no problem~ ^^
@netchtiBates MR literally means "Music Recording!" it's basically like backup vocals in the music, so when they remove it, we get to hear the artists voice(s) completely live with no backup! :-)
I love that EXID video cause they look soooo proud of their voices, like they knew they would own it hahahaha
@tayyylorx that's true for music shows like mcountdown and music bank, etc., but with YHYSB, they tend to not have too much backing to begin with~
These videos have actually been proven to be a very unrealistic version of the singers without the back up vocals and music and whatnot because the way they remove all the background stuff can often not be able to differentiate between raw vocals and the background due to everything blending together. And a lot of the times the sound quality after getting this stuff removed is awful like for example AOA's Heart Attack. If they really sounded like that without all the music and back up vocals I am worried about them because they sounded awfffuull. But this is just my opinion along with stuff ive read online talking about these MR removed videos.
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