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I really am just speechless at the fact that this senseless piece of crap ruined something so special to someone. like this could of been someones first time seeing them and stuff and like this sac of sh*t....what kinda joke is this.... like seriously nothing im rambling about right now is even compared to what i really what EVERYTHING is going on in my crazy little HEAD i just i really cany take people. I hope this person gets hit with Karma so bad... man im so bad at writting but anyways yeah if someone knows this person they need to punch them in the face 20 times with a brick. sorry...not sorry. And im not 100% sure but isny this like their first time performig here or soemthinn around those lines...idk but my wishes still stand.
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really... i hope they come back around...since i wont be able to see them this time around...really immature og this person
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Like seriously '__', who's laughing, huh, who?????馃槓馃槓馃槕馃槕馃槖馃槖馃槨馃槨
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Wait, did they cancel the entire tour? I'm confused...
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@aliciasalinas no just something called "hi touch" and another thing i think like meeting with fans,,,?? Idk its weird i thought that they had cancelled everything but thats what i understood from an article
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I hope the individual gets in trouble! I don't care if it's just a joke. That's a threat that should get some kind of legal action.
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